smythst smythst at tcd.ie
Mon Sep 29 13:33:26 MST 2003

Ok I've got a few problems trying to get steering to work on a car sim I'm 
working on. First off, I'm treating the wheels as spheres (is this correct for 
starters? I think it is as test_buggy uses spheres, and one contact point per 
wheel with the ground seems logical).

Now, for steering I try to apply a torque to the front two wheels, which are 
attached to the chasis via a hinge2 joint each (it's a four wheeled vehical 
unlike test_buggy's 3), in the direction that I want the car to turn. I have 
the proper stops set for the joints, however it's going wrong somewhere. 
Instead of turning, the car's front (the end going forwards) ploughs downwards 
into the ground? Anyone else run into this problem, or am I simply doing 
everything wrong??


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