[ODE] newbie question -- ode orientation matrices and quats

Daniel Monteiro Basso dmbasso at inf.ufrgs.br
Wed Nov 19 23:11:50 MST 2003


I made a library for scene management, with povray output. I'll release
it GPLd in the future (when the whole simulator I'm building is stable

The part that deals with the translation/rotation matrix is:

   if (type!=dPlaneClass)
      out << "matrix <"
        << rot[0] << ","  << rot[8] << ","  << rot[4] << ",\n"
         << rot[1] << ","  << rot[9] << ","  << rot[5] << ",\n"
         << rot[2] << ","  << rot[10] << ","  << rot[6] << ",\n"
         << pos[0] << ","  << pos[2] << ","  << pos[1] << ">\n";

As you can notice, povray uses columns instead of lines, and the 'up'
vector is Y, not Z.

You can see the current stage of the simulator (named 'phi') at:

There is not much to see yet, but I welcome feedback.

Hope this helps... :)


On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 22:24, Chris Calef wrote:
> A question from an ODE newbie --
> I just started using it, am absolutely ecstatic, but
> am having problems communicating with other
> applications. This question may be out of scope,
> because it may have more to do with 3ds max and povray
> than ode, but the fact that I can't make it work in
> either app makes me wonder if it is something strange
> about ODE.
> What I've been trying to do is save the positions and
> orientations of objects in my ODE simulation to frames
> that can be used for static animations, for game
> characters.
> What I did was every few frames, write out the matrix
> or quaternion (I tried both), and the position, of
> each object in my simulation.  Then I used maxScript
> to read that in to 3ds max (using the quaternion
> version, because from the max docs it appears that you
> can't set the object's local orientation matrix
> directly).  The positions worked fine, of course, but
> the orientations never worked, it looked like they
> were getting close but they never quite lined up with
> what they should have been.
> I then tried the same thing in povray, using the
> matrix from dBodyGetRotation (trying about every
> possible permutation of ways the matrix could be
> organized).  Still no luck.
> I understand that this is a pretty vague question, but
> I'm just wondering if there is some core weird thing
> about how ODE handles orientations that could solve my
> problems.  Thanks to everyone who's worked on ODE, it
> Chris Calef
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