[ODE] Various fixes committed.

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Tue Nov 18 20:38:01 MST 2003

Jeffrey Smith wrote:
>>I've committed various user-contributed fixes to CVS, as you
>>can probably see.
> No, I can't, actually. Do you mean you committed them to the main CVS repository
> at Sourceforge? 


 > If so, why are the changes not showing up

Good question.  Viewcvs is probably looking at the public SF
'anonymous' CVS ODE tree, which is sync'd by SF only intermittantly
with the developers' CVS tree.  For a few months this sync lag has
been about 24 hours, but as SF continues its apparent death-spiral is
it possible that the sync period has been expanded even further to
reduce their server load.

I've verified that the changes are at least on the SF ODE developer
CVS tree.

If they still haven't mirrored onto the anonymous tree in another
day then let me know and I'll release a snapshot of the source tree
as it should be.

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