[ODE] Sweep-and-Prune space for ODE

nearaz nearaz at interamotion.com
Fri Nov 14 19:29:53 MST 2003

>  > My SAP doesn't like objects with infinite AABBs yet (that's 
> Planes, and > TriMeshes if you don't apply my patch for AABBs :)).
> Certainly sounds cool.  Does it need to know the outer bounds of
> the 3d space it encloses for optimal operation, like the Quadtree
> space does?


It's pretty "dumb" code actually (well, Pierre's code in Opcode is good --
 "dumb" means "it's very straightforward"). It's sweep-and-prune in it's very 
essence - just sort AABBs along coordinate axes, and get overlapping ones.

Opcode also contains more "advanced" form of it, that places AABB in "it's 
place" everytime it moves, but I haven't played with it. So now it just re-
sorts on every collision checking (but that other form would be good for geom-
vs-space queries like collide2 - I haven't implemented it yet).

Aras Pranckevicius aka NeARAZ

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