[ODE] unresolved external symbol

api2551 at cacs.louisiana.edu api2551 at cacs.louisiana.edu
Fri Nov 14 03:32:14 MST 2003

  I tried that, but the error still pops up. Can any one tell me if i
should do some additional thing to remove the error.


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From: Nguyen Binh ngbinh at glassegg.com
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Subject: Re: [ODE] unresolved external symbol

acle> hi,
acle>    There is no problem when i deal with simple objects(box,sphere..).
acle> when i use triangle meshes there is an error message :"unresolved
acle> symbol _dGeomTriMeshDataCreate". Can any one tell me what should i do
acle> eradicate this problem

      Have you turned dTRIMESH_ENABLED on?
      #define dTRIMESH_ENABLED 1
      in config.h
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