[ODE] Hydrodynamic Forces Demo

Artur Matos amatos at create.human.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Fri Nov 14 11:11:19 MST 2003

Hi Ander,

Sorry to bother you again with this, but I tried to use the procedures  that you posted, and my bodies just explode after some iterations. I tried
to tweak the gravity, step size, mass and viscosity parameters
with no avail. I also tried to switch from dWorldStepFast1 to
dWorldStep, and the results are the same. So, could you please answer me some more questions? Thanks in advance.

First, In your demo, which function (from the two that you posted) are you using? Are you using it after each time step?

Also, which values are you using for viscosity, gravity, step size and mass density? What size range are you using for the objects in the simulation? Are you using dWorldStepFast1 or dWorldStep?

Sorry to bother you again, and thanks in advance. Best regards,

Artur Matos.

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