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Lothar May l-may at gmx.de
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Hi Peter,

Thursday, November 6, 2003, 8:49:34 PM, Peter Serocka seemed to have written:

> Yes, strongly. If you watch the 3d ode coords over some
> time you will see. In a 2d projection, it seems ok at first sight
> but when errors become too large, simulations seems to
> behave strange -- because you don't see the full story.

OK I will use the code then.

> So the box is supposed only to move up and down (x/y axis)
> but not to rotate around z?


> This needs a similar, new constraint type.

> An alternative might be: build a slider (along x) connecting
> the box object and the 'world'. Gives you 1D translation, no rotation.
> Connect a second object to the first one with a second slider (along y):
> voila: 2D translation, no rotation.

> Drawbacks: a) first object is a helper object (should have low mass,
> no collision), b) found slow performance (in ode 0.035) with
> many objects of that kind.

I will give it a try. I'll probably need something around 20-40 of
these kind of objects at a time (hero and nasties). I'll see whether
performance will be sufficient.

Thank you very much for your help! I can get started now!

Best regards,

07.11.2003 12:25
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