[ODE] More speed???

Oles V. Shishkovtsov oles at gsc-game.kiev.ua
Fri Nov 7 13:27:19 MST 2003

Hello Aras,

Friday, November 7, 2003, 12:28:08 PM, you wrote:

>> NO NO NO!!!
>> please, keep in mind that ODE is 'ONLY' the PHYSIC ENGINE.
>> So, any reference to a graphic API must be avoided (exept for exemple,
>> testing, ...) But not in the core!
>> Please, keep DirectX out of this!

AP> Well, D3DX math library isn't tied to any graphics part at all. It doesn't
AP> even know about any D3D device. But probably it isn't the best solution...

And it's slow, as well, even on SSE/3Dnow! enabled CPUs.
Typical operation consists of:
        * push arguments
        * [static] call
        * [static] jump
        * ...calculation...
        * return
Our tests, showed that ordinary C++ / FPU code beats it even on series
of matrix multiplications, which is very well suited for SIMDizing :(

Yes, dynamic dispatching can be fast, but not for such small amount of code.
It should be done on:
   1. larger-level
   2. static call suite patching
   3. not done at all :)

Best regards,
 Oles V. Shishkovtsov
 GSC-Game World
 oles at gsc-game.kiev.ua

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