[ODE] More speed???

Brendan McCarthy bmccarthy at iinet.net.au
Fri Nov 7 19:11:42 MST 2003


Don't forget us non-x86 users either :)

I only have a G3 with no altivec, but apple has a library called 
'veclib' that contains altivec stuff, but is also supposed to be pretty 
fast without it.

So it would be good if we could come up with a nice way to take 
advantage of all the different ways of doing things.

-Brendan McCarthy

On 07/11/2003, at 5:53 PM, Frederic Marmond wrote:

>> [..]
>> I've said this before, but one way of doing this pretty easily would 
>> be to use
>> Windows' DirectX vector and matrix manipulation functions, which take 
>> care of
>> all such craziness for you.  Yes, that would leave the Unii out in 
>> the cold
>> (unless there's a Unix DirectX clone out there somewhere), but it'd 
>> be an easy
>> way to start.  And you could always create a small Unix SIMD 
>> DirectX-compatible
>> library later.
> NO NO NO!!!
> please, keep in mind that ODE is 'ONLY' the PHYSIC ENGINE.
> So, any reference to a graphic API must be avoided (exept for exemple, 
> testing, ...) But not in the core!
> Please, keep DirectX out of this!
> (plus, you would loose the 'O' of ODE, which means 'Open'... ;))
> Fred
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