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Lothar May l-may at gmx.de
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Wednesday, November 5, 2003, 12:48:12 PM, Peter Serocka seemed to have written:

> you can create 2d simulations in ODE quite easily with my
> Plane2D joint, an extension joint type for ode. See:

Thanks! This is exactly what I need, although I could not have told
you before that I needed it :-). The example is working fine! There
are only two questions:

1. In the Readme and in the example code you mention some error
correcting code ("we need to correct the small angular drift, keep the
angular velocity and the rotation axis aligned to the z-axis"). Is
this recommended?

2. For the jump'n'run, I need some "special" boxes. Imagine the hero
is a box, and jumps on a mountainside - the box would spin and lay
flat on the ground, maybe even slide down the mountainside, depending
on the type of surface. But the hero should not fall down when jumping
on a mountainside! So how can I suppress the spinning of the box? Or
what else can I do?

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