[ODE] Simulating Wheels

Bodo Pfeifer bodo.pfeifer at fakt-software.de
Tue Nov 4 13:27:59 MST 2003


I checked the buggy + test_buggy examples. Both handle the wheels with

Is this good ? .. I mean, you only have one contact point. A real
wheel has IMO some sort of contact-rectangle.

So I thought about using polygonal cylinders (trimesh) .. but
trimesh-trimesh collision is not available.

But there obviously exists a lot of car-sims using ODE. Do they
simulate their wheels with spheres ? .. If yes, would be cool..

I threw a little test-project together, but my buggy tends to roll
over in curves with higher speeds. I think this is because of the
sphere wheels. I played around with different collision-parameters
(with/without slide, with/without softness, different frictions,
different chassis/mass/wheel/hinge properties) .. but curves are still
a problem ..


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