[ODE] Sphere getting stuck on a single contact

Michael Lacher michael.lacher at hlw.co.at
Tue Nov 4 12:41:51 MST 2003


   I am trying to integrate ODE (0.035) with our 3D engine to provide 
for built in physics. So far everything worked very well, but now i have 
a small problem:

   I create a sphere body (body with dMassSetSphere) and drop it onto a 
bigger static sphere. The sphere bounces off the static sphere as 
expected, but then, when it comes to rest after a few bounces and it 
should start to roll down it doesn't. It just sits there and spins very 
slowly in the opposite direction ....

   I am using my own collision detection library and it works pretty 
good, also i watched the contact position/normal in the debugger and it 
looks perfect so I assume that the problem is somewhere else.

   The global ERP/CFM parameters are 0.2 and 0.0001 respectively.
The contact has only dContactBounce enabled (with bounce of 1.0f and 
bounce_vel of 0.0f), and inifinite friction. As the bigger sphere is 
static, the contact is created between the body of the smaller sphere 
and 0 (the environment).

   Any help is appreciated :)

Honeder Lacher Wallner Softwareentwicklung OEG
Founder / Developer

michael.lacher at hlw.co.at
+43/ 1/ 9134716

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