[ODE] Forum request

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 1 05:53:01 2003


personally I much prefer mailing lists to forums - I like for messages to be
delivered, rather than having to keep checking web pages for updates.

It would be nice if the mail archive were searchable online though...

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Subject: [ODE] Forum request

> As I am new to ODE I have been slowly getting up to
> speed on compiling, api docs, etc. - I realize this is
> a part time one man project for the most part but it
> sure would be nice to have a better organized site and
> Forums rather than only the email list.
> I know that sourceforge would provide a complete
> solution for ODE since its opensource. They provide
> forums software and CVS - many niceties. I am willing
> to work on that site for/with you if you wish.
> Also, if you don't want to do that but are willing to
> add a forum there is a site that offers free forums
> using phpbb - http://www.freebb.net/forum/
> Anyway - there seems to be a growing number of ODE
> users (especially now that mathengine is beign
> purchased by Criterion and Havok is SUPER expensive) -
> and the new apps are truly great - it would be nice to
> have a more searchable, usable collective memory!
> yours for a stronger ODE,
> Michael
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