Re[4]: [ODE] using dCreateGeomClass in the last ode version

slipch slipch <slipch at>
Thu Nov 28 02:56:02 2002

Hello Russ,

Thursday, November 28, 2002, 2:59:51 AM, you wrote:

RS> ah yes ... i see the problem. i have fixed the code in
RS> collision_kernel.cpp. but i don't have a good test case
RS> for this right now - i would appreciate if you can try
RS> it out and report any problems.

RS> russ.

Seems it works all right.

But one problem still remains for user definite geometry classes.
If I have some user definite classes it always necessary to support
right sequence of their creating or colliders would not be set in
colliders array again. Of course I can register all user classes in right order
before start my simulation. But if I want to support
ode stile of creating geometry classes when creating geometries, it is
very inconvenient.

Why not open setCollider function?
It may be useful to have a possibility even reset colliders for all classes.

Best regards,
Konstantin Slipchenko