[ODE] Re: Problems installing ODE 0.03

Martin C. Martin martin at metahuman.org
Sat Nov 16 09:06:01 2002

You don't need to replace alloca with anything.  What the configurator
does is see how your computer is set up by compiling a bunch of programs. 
So the fact that some of them fail is normal.  It said "configurator
succeeded" so you can ignore all messages above that.

Try making an empty "lib" directory.  I think that's your only problem.

- Martin

Pete Graves wrote:
> The only file I can find that contains 'alloca.h' is 'configurator.c':
> 229: char *header[7] = {"stdio.h", "stdlib.h", "math.h", "string.h",
> 330:                    "stdarg.h", "malloc.h", "alloca.h"};
>                                                  ~~~~~~~~
> Can I just remove this? 'malloc.h' is already there? Am I looking in the
> right place?
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