[ODE] Convex hulls

David McClurg dmcclurg at pandemicstudios.com.au
Wed Nov 13 17:51:02 2002

> if you're curious, the source files for the new collision infrastructure have been checked into CVS (collision_*.h, collision_*.cpp). it has not been hooked up to the rest of ODE yet, so the only reason i mention it is for the curious. note that there's still a bunch of stuff to do, in particular to hook up the ray, trimesh and cylinder classes, and to convert the hash table space to use an incremental approach ... but you can get an idea of the new layout.

i think the trimesh, when completed, should work for you.

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How difficult would it be to get convex hulls working as a more general collision type as opposed to box collisions? For me this would be really helpfull, I was just wondering how much work it would be.