[ODE] dRay class

Erwin de Vries erwin at vo.com
Fri Jul 26 07:22:02 2002

> On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Erwin de Vries wrote:
> > Yesterday and today i've written a dRay class. It interacts with dPlane,
> > dSphere, dBox and dCCylinder. It does not generate full contact
> > It only generates the pos member. I dont think its useful to anyone to
> > through hoops and find a reasonable normal and penetration depth, as i
> > think anyone will want to use it for dynamics. Just for CD.
> I was thinking of writing (what sounds like) the same thing, to simulate a
> range-finding sensor for robot control systems.

It does a little more than finding a range. It generates points where the
ray goes into, and comes out the primitive. And currently finding the
closest one is up to the user. I'll suggest some dSpace additions soon. :-)

>  That sounds really
> useful.  Any chance this could be a contrib-ution?

Tonight (CET).