[ODE] stack requirements

David McClurg dmcclurg at pandemicstudios.com.au
Thu Jul 25 20:52:01 2002

i just changed dStack to use "new char[max_size]" and it works great for me.  If you can pre-allocate a 1/2 meg or so for ODE then your "real" stack requirements are small.

You can also create a dStrackFrame object to do the popFrame() call automatically for you when you leave the current scope block.  Just declare a dStackFrame at the top of each block that uses dStack::alloc()

// used to auto push/popFrame
class dStackFrame
  dStack& stack;
  char* newframe;


  dStackFrame(dStack& stack_) : stack(stack_)
    newframe = stack.pushFrame();

    if (stack.popFrame() != newframe)
      dError(0, "stack frame");


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> ode/src/stack.cpp/h seems to be a *unused* replacement for alloca.  is
> this something that never got finished or didn't work out?  Here's the
> interface...

this was used at one point for the joint groups. the implementation uses
mmap() (or the windows equivalent) to allocate non-physical memory
space, then allocates memory in as needed. this is conceptually nice but
not totally portable to all *nixes (at least not without a pile of
work), which is why it was abandoned.