[ODE] Re: Mac Stuff

Henry henryj at paradise.net.nz
Tue Jul 23 00:27:01 2002

On Tuesday, July 23, 2002, at 09:51  AM, Ruud van Gaal wrote:

> As Nate explained, a member function is a pair: object pointer 
> ('this') + function pointer. So this is intrinsically different from a 
> single function ptr. Static member functions or static C/C++ functions 
> are to be used here, since they don't have an object ptr. It's good to 
> understand this; when compiling, C++ translates (simply put):
> obj->memberfunc(x,y)
> into
> memberfunc(obj,x,y)
> A void function would be:
> memberfunc(obj)
> Which is 2 pointers, not the 1 you can pass to callback functions. (and 
> passing typeless member functions is bad practice, if doable at all).

I understand all that but other libs I use (eg lua) allow me to pass in 
function pointers like this...


without having to worry about statics etc. I'll have to look into the 
differences in the function declarations to see what's going on.