[ODE] stack requirements

David McClurg dmcclurg at pandemicstudios.com.au
Mon Jul 22 18:21:02 2002

In the debugger I find that with 40 bodies, dWorldStep() is taking 256K of memory (which I've switched to using dStack) to get down to dInternalStepIsland_x2().  That means about 6k per body.

All my ode bodies are spheres!  I'm trying to create a ball simulation where the balls can lie around, roll, and bump into each other.  I expected dSpaceCollide() to be the memory hog and not dWorldStep().  Is there anything I can do to reduce the memory requirements of dWorldStep()?

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ode/src/stack.cpp/h seems to be a *unused* replacement for alloca.  is this something that never got finished or didn't work out?  Here's the interface...

class dStack
  void init(int max_size);
  void pushFrame();
  void popFrame();
  char *alloc(int size)

Can I help with this?  Do you prefer a ansi-C interface with function overrides like the other memory routines to make it public?

I need to have something like this to lower my stack requirements.  Also-- "The alloca() function is machine dependent; its use is discouraged."