[ODE] Simulating life

Tim Schmidt tisch at uni-paderborn.de
Fri Jul 19 07:24:01 2002


I am working on it all day long, because it is an integral part of my 
diploma thesis where I want to evolve social behavior between virtual 
But because of the fact that I decided to use Java/Java3D for everything 
except physics, the smooth integration of ODE via JNI took much time.
Thus I have not really dealt with the gene representation stuff and the 
genetic algorithm itself so far (though it is always kept in the back
of my mind while coding). I fear that there is still a pile of work to 
do. ;-)
You can be assured that I will publish the ODE/Java/Java3D interface as 
soon as it works satisfactorily (maybe during the next month).

So, stay tuned ;-)