[ODE] Rolling friction?

Ian Sherratt (Shez) shez at texonet.co.uk
Fri Jul 19 04:31:01 2002

On Friday 19 July 2002 6:05 am, Chris Campbell wrote:
> A ball sitting on carpet makes a dimple in the carpet, which requires some
> energy. For the ball to roll to somewhere else, it needs to squash down all
> the carpet along the way to some degree as well. Whether you want to call
> this 'rolling friction' or not (I prefer the term 'energy lost to carpet
> squashing') the end result is what you are getting by adding the damper
> force and torque... um... isn't it? Or doesn't that work for the case of
> back-spinning a ball on a pool table... does your 'hack' look ok?

"Rolling friction" also applies if the rolling object is deformable, e.g. a 
pneumatic tire.  I think :-)