[ODE] tricollider question

nlin@nlin.net nlin at nlin.net
Fri Jul 12 12:15:02 2002

maddocks@met.co.nz wrote:
> What does this mean, or more correctly, what does the author think this 
> means...
> dcVector3& Pos = (dcVector3&)BoxContacts[j].pos;
> I'm trying to compile the tricollider stuff with gcc and it complains 
> about this. As far as I can tell this isn't a valid expression.

Declare the vector Pos as a dcVector, not a reference, and copy the elements
of the array one by one. This is probably slower but is I think more standard.
I've added a note about this to the tri-collider wiki page in the "Limitations"
section, where I talk about the MSVC-specific code and how to compile it
for Linux. Feel free to correct/add to the information on the wiki page.