[ODE] Re: trouble compiling on mandrake 8.1

Ruud van Gaal ruud at marketgraph.nl
Sat Apr 20 21:03:04 2002

> Hey, I"m having trouble getting the tests to compile on 
> mandrake linux 8.1 with gcc 3.0.1.  I get the same errors with 
> both the cvs and the 0.03 release.  make ode-lib and make 
> drawstuff-lib both seem to compile fine, but ode-test and 
> drawstuff-test both produce the errors below.  Any ideas what 
> my problem might be?
> gcc -o ode/test/test_chain2.exe
> drawstuff.o(.text+0x1f56): undefined reference to `operator 
> new(unsigned)'

Maybe you need to use 'g++'? Seems like a standard C++ library isn't linked,
and g++ may call with call the linker with appropriate flags.