[ODE] Bodies and Worlds

McEvoy, Nick nick.mcevoy at dsto.defence.gov.au
Sun Nov 18 18:03:02 MST 2001

Russ wrote:
>i have considered this issue. there are two main ways to deactivate
>a body:
>  1. remove it from the world, or
>  2. set a "disabled" flag on it.
> the solution recommended by erwin, that i have just implemented,
> is this:
>   void dBodyDisable (body)
>   void dBodyEnable (body)
>   int dBodyIsEnabled (body)
> these function set a "disabled" flag on the body, so it wont be
> included in any computations. bodies get reenabled when they
> are touched by an active body.

I'm only new to ODE and my application is currently a simple one ... but I
see the need for BOTH:
1. body destroy (remove it from the world)
2. body enable/disable

Body destroy example: say I launch missiles from my tank or space craft. The
missiles only exist in the game for a short time. I don't want hundreds of
disabled missile bodies in my world. Once they explode I would like to
destroy them.

Thanks (ODE is a great library) !  :-)

Nick McEvoy
ndmcevoy at ozemail.com.au

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