[ODE] "Configuration Management"

Russ Smith russ at q12.org
Sat Nov 3 14:20:01 MST 2001

nlin at nlin.net wrote:
> This can include source code control, bug tracking systems, release
> numbering, multi-platform build support,

the priorities are, i think:
  * multi-platform build support: GNU autoconf on unix? something else
    on windows?
  * multi-platform optimization (fbuild)

> I already did some work in this area for ODE, allowing it to be
> compiled as a Windows DLL for easier compliance with the LGPL, which
> hopefully will be worked into future ODE releases.

hmmm, i've not really given any thought to maintaining binary
compatability between releases. the ODE API exports a number of
structures whose layout could be changed. when we hit the 1.0
(whenever that might be) we can start to maintian binary compatability.


Russell Smith

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