Russ Smith russ at q12.org
Sat Nov 3 14:14:02 MST 2001

hi adam,

> > where can i find source code for crater? it would need to provide
> > contact normal and penetration depth as well as contact point.
> Only on my hard drive.  :-)  You will have to tell me how you guys do
> source control and such so I can put it online.

right now i have CVS on my local machine only. soon we'll have public
CVS on q12.org.

> don't want to open source the project as-is, only as part of ODE, and
> even for that, I will need to clean up the code, because it looks
> very messy at this point. (i.e. I use two different vector classes in
> it...)  No big deal though, its only about 1300 lines, and that
> includes a sorted span list which serves the same purpose as your
> hash space, so it may be redundant.

it sounds like a single extra source file for ODE then?

> >detecting stationary clusters: on the TODO list, and definitely a
> >requirement.
> Good, so this could be something I could get started on.

can you integrate crater first? because full box-box collision is
on the to-do list for v0.03.


Russell Smith

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